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Welcome to the Fit-To-Win Clinic 

Main Number: 703-692-8898

Hours of Operations:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 0700 - 1600
  • Thursday: 1200 - 1600 (Limited Services)
Our Mission: "We are here to enhance military readiness and civilian wellness through fitness, nutrition, health education and positive lifestyle behavior changes."
What is Fit To Win?
Since 1987 we have been providing fitness and health education designed for all Pentagon active duty and civil service personnel.
We achieve this through clinical screenings, education, physiological testing and exercise programming for modifying unhealthy lifestyle risks and improving healthy ones.
We assess your lifestyle risks by offering each person a Personal Wellness Profile to complete. From this information each person is encouraged to follow up by attending the various health education classes that our staff facilitates and participating in the many elements comprising our fitness program, which include 24 free visits to the Pentagon Athletic Center.
Individual counseling and follow up appointments allow each person the opportunity to thoroughly identify risks and monitor progress in successfully modifying and solidifying new and better behaviors and physiological markers.
For many Pentagon staff retirement is the next “duty station.” Fit To Win is your partner in preparing you to have a healthy, vigorous and robust “rest of your life.”
As long as you are here at the Pentagon, use us. For all of these reasons this is why we are here!
The Pentagon’s Worksite Wellness Program is FREE for all Active Duty and Federal Civil Servants Personnel assigned to the Pentagon. This program includes: health screenings, health education classes, fitness testing, exercise prescription, and 24 Free Pentagon Athletic Center visits. Contractors are able to attend any health educational classes.  
Contact Us
DiLorenzo TRICARE Health Clinic (1st floor, Corridor 8 E-ring directly next to the North Parking Entrance.)

Enter the Clinic and follow the signs to Wellness/Fit To Win
Phone: 703-692-8898
Fax: 703-692-6201

The Pentagon, Corridor 8

Main Clinic Number: (703) 692-8810


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