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Fit To Win – Wellness
Our services are available to Active Duty and Civilian Employees and TRICARE Beneficiaries who are assigned to the Pentagon, Mark Center, or Taylor Building.
 Enrollment in our wellness program begins with
completion of the online 
Personal Wellness Profile
Civilians click here
You must ensure that you have had a Lipid Panel (cholesterol level) and Fasting Blood Glucose test completed
within the past year.
Civilians must provide the clearance form signed by their doctor and results of their blood tests at the time of your appointment.
Contact us after completing the online Wellness Profile and schedule your 60 minute appointment for:
Personal Wellness Profile review and Body Composition testing
Body Composition testing requires the following:
Do not eat or exercise 2 hrs prior to testing.
Clothing for testing:
Men-spandex shorts
Women- bathing suit or sports bra/spandex shorts
Fit To Win
DiLorenzo TRICARE Health Clinic, Corridor 8
The Pentagon, Corridor 8
Main Clinic Number: (703) 692-8810