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Pentagon/Mark Center
Nursing Mothers’ Program 
The Pentagon Nursing Mothers’ Program opened in August of 1999 with one Nursing Mothers’ Room and has grown to seven rooms for Pentagon nursing moms.  The Mark Center has 2 rooms and is under the oversight of the Pentagon program.  Between the two programs, the rooms are used over 2000 times per month.  The Program is managed by a partnership between Washington Headquarters Services (WHS) and the Pentagon Fit To Win Wellness Program.  The Nursing Mothers’ Program operates with four key stakeholders who work together to keep the program running smoothly:  (1) Fit-To-Win/Wellness, (2) WHS, (3) Room POCs, and (4) Nursing Moms.  For more information please contact Fit To Win at 703-692-8898 
Program Registration

To register for the Nursing Mothers’ Program, click here to access the Nursing Mothers’ Program Agreement form. There are 4 options for returning the form.
1.    With CAC access, complete form, digitally sign and click here to return by email.
NOTE: Adobe Acrobat Pro is required in order to digitally sign this form.
2.    Without CAC access, print form, complete, sign, scan and click here to return by email.
3.    Without CAC access, print form, complete, sign and return by fax, 703-692-6201.
4.    Without CAC access, print form, complete, sign and walk form to Fit To Win Office, DiLorenzo TRICARE Health Clinic, 1 st floor 8th Corridor, Pentagon
Upon receiving your completed/signed form you will receive, by email, the room combinations.  The program provides commercial grade pumps for your convenience while pumping in one of our rooms.  You will need to purchase a pumping accessories kit.  Click on this link for more information about the pumps' required kits.
The Pentagon, Corridor 8

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