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 Military Crisis Line

MCL.pngFor Suicide Prevention Lifeline, click Here or call 1-800-273-8255

In case of an emergency (imminent suicidality or homicidally), please call 911 or report to the nearest emergency room.
For more information on emergency mental health services, click here to visit the TRICARE Mental Health Emergency Services website.

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 Have a health question? Call the Nurse Advice Line!

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Make An Appointment at the
DiLorenzo TRICARE Health Clinic
The Integrated Referral Management and Appointment Call Center (IRMAC) can assist you with scheduling your appointment by contacting the IRAMC at (855) 227-6331 OR (855) CAPMED1 from 0630-1600 to book your next appointment.
TRICARE Online is also available to assist you with booking 24/7!

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Get Your Flu Vaccination!
DiLorenzo TRICARE Health Clinic will continue its Annual Mass Flu Campaign 22 - 26 September, Corridor 8 and 9, 1st Floor, E-Ring, 0800 - 1500. Eligible person for vaccination include All Active Duty, Reserve Components, Retirees, Military Dependents ID card holders age 18 years & older, and DoD Civilians. Vaccinations will be administered until supply is exhausted. Determination on type of flu vaccination received (shot vs. mist) will be based on patient screening.
For updates, call the Flu Information Hotline, 703-692-8978, or check back on the DTHC website, www.dthc.capmed.mil.
September is here already?
This month we would like to shed light on the very serious topic of suicide. Suicide takes the lives of nearly 30,000 Americans each year. Help is available. The DiLorenzo TRICARE Health Clinic offers Behavioral Health Services. Referrals are not necessary. Appointments can be made by calling 703-692-8878 or visiting the office. Please, if you need help, make an appointment.
This month we also want to raise awareness of Traumatic Brain Injuries. When sudden trauma causes injury to the brain, this can result in a TBI. If you have undergone head trauma and experience headaches, dizziness, lightheadedness, confusion, blurred vision, poor concentration and memory, please talk to your health provider. For more information on TBI, visit http://www.cdc.gov/traumaticbraininjury/
Finally, September is the month for Prostate and Ovarian Cancer Awareness. About 1 in 7 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in his lifetime while women have a 1 in 73 chance of being diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. Talk to your doctor. It’s important you know if you are at risk. For more information, visit www.cancer.org.
COL Joe Pina
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