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Fit To Win – Wellness
Our services are available to Active Duty, Civilian Employees and TRICARE Beneficiaries who are assigned to the Pentagon, Mark Center, or Taylor Building.
Enrollment in our wellness program begins with your initial 60 minute appointment with a Fit To Win team member who will review your wellness goals and complete body composition testing in the Bod Pod.
Please review the following program requirements
To ensure our team creates an optimal exercise and nutrition plan for you we must have a Lipid Panel (cholesterol) and a Fasting Blood Glucose that has been completed within the past 12 months.
If you receive your care at an MTF, please review your TRICARE Online account to confirm you have the required lab work.  Contact your PCM and request orders for that lab work if necessary.  DTHC empaneled patients can have their orders placed by a Fit To Win staff member.
Civilians, you must provide a hard copy of your required lab work, your current prescription medications, and a signed copy of the Fit To Win Doctor Clearance Letter at the time of your initial appointment.
Body Composition testing requires the following:
Do not eat or exercise 2 hrs prior to testing.
Clothing for testing:
Men-spandex shorts
Women- bathing suit or sports bra/spandex shorts
Fit To Win
DiLorenzo TRICARE Health Clinic, Corridor 8
The Pentagon, Corridor 8
Main Clinic Number: (703) 692-8810